*Update* – Practicing Sports Nutritionists Australia and New Zealand

Registration & Insurance update for Australian and New Zealand Sports Nutritionists. Plus how you should be setting up your annual financial plan.

Preparing for the ISSN-SNS exam – Australia & New Zealand

Important update for people looking into the ISSN-SNS in Australia and New Zealand.

There has been quite a high failure rate of this exam recently outside of our program.

For those of you who are looking at taking the exam without doing our program (we caution that as you will not be an Accredited Sports Nutritionist in Australia or NZ, nor have proper insurance scope).

If you are being told to get the essentials textbook and study for it, this is completely incorrect, and this information has not been provided by a current member of the ISSN advisory board.

The text you actually need is: Sports Nutrition Performance Enhancing Supplements

You also need to:

  • Study and know extremely well all 10 current position stands
  • Study and read/familiarise yourself with all of the articles published in the journal for the last 2 years.

This is providing you have a sound notion of applied exercise physiology and basic sports nutrition – if you don’t have this then make sure you enrol in our next intake!

For more info on the exam specifics see here:


Scope of practice, insurance & why a legitimate registration body

In this video Alex Thomas (President) sits down with Darius Isaacs from King and Company – who has donated his time for free to ensure that the professionals within the Health, Fitness & Sports Nutrition Industries are provided with correct and accurate information and recommendations in terms of their liability as service providers. No money or services have been exchanged for his time, this has been done purely as an act of goodwill.

Things to run from

When you hear a coach say these things are the reason for you not responding metabolically and body-composition wise to a program; ‘gut health’, ‘microbiome’, ‘histamine’ etc. Run for the hills! It is their job to educate you on energy balance and substrate utilisation and medical doctors for the former.

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